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Teamwear Processing:

  • Focused on sportswear for 6 years. Have served more than 1,000 customers.
  • By using the unique production system, the cost of production and MOQ is greatly reduced, and production efficiency is improved.
  • The 3D design system can easily design quality sportswear.


  • Before starting processing of any sample/order we create a mock-up with the help of given details from the customer and after approval we start production.
  • For small and large quantities we do pre production samples as well to save from any mistake in final production.
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    • Football
    • American Football
    • Ice hockey
    • Field hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Training
    • Winter Jacket
    • Accessories

    Professional Design:

    • We can implement design based on your sketch or your idea.
    • For sports clubs, teams or brands, we can design a whole set of sportswear and equipment.

    Customized Information:

    • You can use your own design, logo, label, pattern, size chart, color and many more options are available.
      customized information

      Custom Logo:

      • We provide logo design services, you can put your idea or sketch to us, let our designer implement it.

        Custom Fabric:

        • We provide fabric for different clothing types, all these fabrics have been verified by the market.

        Customized Trims & Accessories:

        • You can custom band & cord, washing care label, brand label, zip, trade mark according to your needs.

        Customized Fonts:

        • We provide a professional font set for sports wear.
        • We can use the font which you provide to us.
        • Our designer can create fonts with your needs.
          print number font
          print font

          Customized Pattern:

          • We have hundreds of mockups available for sports apparels and clothing.
          • Our designer can create mockups on your requests.

          Customized Color:


          • Fluorescence colors are also available.  

          Streetwear Processing:

                All our garments are designed with pattern making experience. This allows us to bring your design vision to life while making sure they fit and function properly as a garment. We make sure our products are done right from the very beginning through sampling before moving on to production.

          • SOURCING

          We partner with carefully selected local and global suppliers for raw materials, fabrics, and accessories to suit your needs.

          • MARKING

          Marking is the process of fitting our pattern designs onto the fabric. Doing so ensures we maximize fabric use and reduce fabric waste. Our marker machine prints this cutting guide.

          • CUTTING

          The fabric is spread on the cutting table in layers using our spreading machine. Our automatic cutting machine then cuts the pattern from the layers of fabric with precision and speed.


          We can add customizations to the fabric pieces before assembly. We have options available for printing, embroidery, labeling, branding and finishing. You can use your own design, logo, label, pattern, size chart and many more options are available. Many more color options. We offer custom packaging and brand tag cards as well. This increases efficiency and is an advantage of our services being under one roof.

          • SEWING

          Once the pieces of fabric are cut, they are joined together by our tailors. Our production team are highly trained professionals so that the clothes are made with the highest quality.


          The garments are inspected and trimmed of loose threads. They are then finished with custom stickers, hang tags, and cards if required and finally are packaged.

          Company Information:

          •     LIONEL SPORTS is a premier sports apparel and accessories provider from Pakistan with worldwide shipping. Since its inception in 2017, our company has strived to deliver top-quality products and services that outshine the competition.
          • We aim to exceed customer expectations by offering exceptional products, customer service, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
          • Our extensive product line includes customized sportswear, teamwear, streetwear, fitness wear and accessories, all made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. From conception to the final product,
          • Our team works closely with clients to ensure their expectations are met and exceeded. In addition, we also offer private-label manufacturing services, enabling clients to sell products under their brand name.
          • At LIONEL SPORTS, we are the preferred choice for sports apparel and accessory manufacturing. Our manufacturing unit employs modern machinery and techniques, enabling us to produce high-quality products at affordable prices.
          • We also adopt modern quality control measures to guarantee zero product defects. Our low minimum order quantity allows customers to order small or large products without compromising quality.
          • Customization services are at the heart of our business, and our expert team work tirelessly to create unique products that match your brand and customer preferences.

            About Delivery:

            • We ship worldwide by use following fast & secure courier services.
            • Our worldwide shipping service allows customers to order from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe.



                 Q: If I order now, where do you ship from?
                 A: At present, we send from our factory. So, before you place an order, please send an inquiry to us to get details.

                 Q: How long do I get the feedback after I send an inquiry?
                 A: Usually we will contact you within 6 hours after receiving your inquiry, except for some special inquiry.

                 Q: Before I place a bulk order, how can I get a sample?
                 A: We can send the samples, and will be ready for delivery in 10-12 business days.

                 Q: How about Lead time for Bulk order?
                 A: It depends on the order quantity, it's about 12-25 business days.



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