All our garments are designed with pattern making experience. This allows us to bring your design vision to life while making sure they fit and function properly as a garment. We make sure our products are done right from the very beginning through sampling before moving on to production.


We partner with carefully selected local and global suppliers for raw materials, fabrics, and accessories to suit your needs.


Marking is the process of fitting our pattern designs onto the fabric. Doing so ensures we maximize fabric use and reduce fabric waste. Our marker machine prints this cutting guide.


The fabric is spread on the cutting table in layers using our spreading machine. Our automatic cutting machine then cuts the pattern from the layers of fabric with precision and speed.


We can add customizations to the fabric pieces before assembly. We have options available for printing, embroidery, labeling, branding and finishing. You can use your own design, logo, label, pattern, size chart and many more options are available. Many more color options. We offer custom packaging and brand tag cards as well. This increases efficiency and is an advantage of our services being under one roof.


Once the pieces of fabric are cut, they are joined together by our tailors. Our production team are highly trained professionals so that the clothes are made with the highest quality.


The garments are inspected and trimmed of loose threads. They are then finished with custom stickers, hang tags, and cards if required and finally are packaged.


Our packing team hand packs each product and then they are shipped to you straight from our factory.

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