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Professional Match Ball-2

Professional Match Ball-2

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  • Soccer Ball Size 5
  • Machine Stitch TPU 3.5mm Fabric Used
  • Made by Synthetic Rubber with Winded Bladder
  • 32 Panel

Unleash your inner devil on the field with the Devil Soccer Ball Size 5. Engineered with a robust 3.5mm machine-stitched TPU fabric, it ensures durability and relentless performance. Crafted from premium synthetic rubber, its wound bladder guarantees optimal shape retention and bounce, maintaining your competitive edge.

With a 32-panel design, experience true flight and impeccable control. The Devil Soccer Ball embodies power, precision, and passion. Whether for practice or matches, this ball is your ultimate companion. Dominate the game with the spirit of the devil, and let the field feel the heat of your play, making every kick unforgettable.

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We offer custom packaging and brand tag cards as well. 

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